Join Us for “Colorado Gives Day” Now or on Dec. 8

Again this year, First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) will be participating in Colorado Gives Day on December 8, 2015. On that date, many Colorado-based charities like First Nations will benefit from a concentrated 24-hour period of fundraising from individuals … not only in Colorado but around the world.

Will you please help?

We ask our friends and supporters all over the country to donate to First Nations on Colorado Gives Day because, as you know, we do our work with Native communities all over the United States even though we’re based in Colorado. You don’t have to be in or from Colorado to support our work or to donate through Colorado Gives Day.

You can help by making a donation to First Nations that day through the Colorado Gives Day website, or you can go online now and “schedule” your donation to be processed on Dec. 8. By actually giving on Dec. 8 or scheduling your donation for that day, it increases the chances that First Nations might receive additional incentives from the organizers and sponsors of Colorado Gives Day. That’s a good way to make sure your donation packs even more punch!

Here’s the link: Thank you in advance for your support. Your donation will go a very long way toward making Native American communities better and stronger!

Supporters Across U.S. Can Make a Difference on “Colorado Gives Day”

First Nations is again participating in Colorado Gives Day, which is December 9 this year. While we are headquartered in Colorado, you don’t have to live in Colorado or even be from here to support our work, which stretches across the U.S. to Native American communities from coast to coast and border to border!

Regardless of where you are, please support First Nations through Colorado Gives Day. And you don’t even have to wait until Dec. 9. You can schedule your donation now for delivery on Dec. 9. Our profile on the Colorado Gives Day page is at this link:

Some of our staff members have created personal fundraising pages for First Nations to enlist their family, friends, relatives and neighbors to give. Our President Michael Roberts has his own page and we invite you to join us and create your own page, too! It can contain a personal appeal from you as well as your own photos and videos. Go here to learn more about personal fundraising pages.

Your support by way of Colorado Gives Day gives us additional chances at other cash prizes, too, which can help extend our work with Native American communities.

Thank you!

You Don’t Have to Be Coloradan for “Colorado Gives Day”

The annual “Colorado Gives Day” is December 10, 2013. For the second year, First Nations Development Institute is participating, and we’re hoping to generate even more support this year.

We’re based in Colorado but we help Native communities all across the United States. And you don’t have to be in or from Colorado to give. You just have to want to help First Nations continue its nonprofit work.  From anywhere in the world, you can go to our page on the Colorado Gives Day website and donate to us online. Any size donation helps!  You can even give now through the Colorado Gives Day website or schedule your donation to be made on Dec. 10.

One of the good things about giving via the Colorado Gives Day website is that any credit-card processing charges are covered by the sponsors of the event, so your full donation comes to us and helps us even more. (Community First Foundation pays 100% of all processing fees on the first $50,000 in donations per organization in 2013. Thereafter, a 2.6% processing fee is applied to donations to help defray costs.) is an online resource featuring Colorado charities. Made possible by the nonprofit Community First Foundation, it encourages charitable giving by providing comprehensive, objective and up-to-date information about Colorado charities — and an easy way to support them online.

Please help First Nations now or on Colorado Gives Day!  You can donate here — — or as always, contribute directly to us through our own website at this link: