“Gather” Food Sovereignty Film Coming in 2019!

Photo of Apache Beans by Taylor Minjarez (White Mountain Apache)

Photo of Apache Beans by Taylor Minjarez (White Mountain Apache)

The First Nations-produced, feature-length film Gather is in post-production now with an anticipated completion date of Spring 2019 (see earlier story here). The filmmakers will then announce a premiere date and location and will begin a screening tour in Indian Country.

Meanwhile, the affiliated journalism project continues to produce exceptional reporting of critical food sovereignty issues.

Journalist Chelsey Luger recently filed a story with CivilEats.com on the Navajo Beef cooperative, also a First Nations grantee.

“On the 14-R Ranch, there are considerably more cattle than people. Just north of Sanders, Arizona — population 3,716 — about 2,000 head roam more than 300,000 acres.

“Unlike the more verdant cattle ranches of the Great Plains, the land here on the Navajo Nation is peppered with patchy vegetation — a desert surrounded by junipers and red sand. But what the area lacks in grass density it makes up for in extended acreage, offering plenty of food for cattle, which 14-R ranchers say results in healthier, better-tasting meat and a notably ecological operation.”

Read more here: https://civileats.com/2018/10/08/navajo-beef-brings-traditional-practices-and-modern-business-to-ranching/

Journalist Kim Baca also filed a story on how food sovereignty is moving to the web.

“In a white ceramic bowl, Mariah Gladstone mixes canned salmon, corn meal and chia — creating the kind of nourishing meal anyone can fix at home in minutes. While it’s not exactly what her Blackfeet ancestors ate, the ingredients have a long history: They have helped sustain entire civilizations.

“The connection between traditional foods and culture can be lost if it is not practiced. But through outreach endeavors like her cooking videos, Gladstone and other Native cooks are helping their peers embrace their culinary traditions by teaching about traditional foods, what they are, and how to find and cook them.”

Read more here: https://www.hcn.org/issues/50.7/tribal-affairs-organic-reach-food-sovereignty-moves-onto-the-web


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