Revised Investment Curriculum Available from First Nations

Investing for the Future

Investing for the Future

“When I got my first ‘real’ job, I remember my father telling me to make sure to set aside some money each month to invest in my retirement. ‘And don’t forget to diversify!’ he added. It took me awhile to figure out how to use the company’s retirement program to set aside a few dollars each month in an investment account. And it took even longer to learn what the term ‘diversify’ meant, but I finally understand it – mostly.”Sarah Dewees of First Nations, the author of this article.

Many people, young and old, experience the same confusion when first encountering the world of investing. It sometimes seems that the terms and concepts are designed to perplex and intimidate people. First Nations Development Institute set out to make investing easier by designing a workbook called Investing for the Future. As part of the Building Native Communities series of financial workbooks, Investing for the Future provides an overview of basic investing concepts and provides a three-step process of designing your own basic investment portfolio. And you will learn how to diversify along the way.

In August 2018, First Nations will be releasing the fully revised 2nd edition of the Investing for the Future workbook. We have also scheduled a train-the-trainer workshop that will be held October 16-17, 2018, at Northern Quest hotel and resort in Airway Heights, Washington. The workshop is a great opportunity for financial educators, CDFI staff and other financial professionals to learn more about how to teach investment concepts.

“We designed the workbook so that it could be used to teach basic investing concepts to youth as well as adults,” said Shawn Spruce, the workbook author. “An increasing number of Native people have funds to manage, whether as the recipient of a trust fund payout, a member of an investment committee, or a working professional. The goal of this curriculum is to provide a way for financial educators and others to offer a simple, effective investment training to their clients.”

“We frequently get requests for investing workshops that provide an introduction to the world of investing,” shared Krystal Langholz, COO of First Nations Oweesta Corporation. “We think this workbook will be useful for many financial educators working in Indian Country.”

“I feel like I learn something new every time I read about investing, and I enjoyed reading the Investing for the Future workbook,” Dewees said. “I figured out that I am ‘Investing for the Long Term’ and am not ready for a ‘Walk on the Wild Side.’ Those are descriptions of an investment strategy and an asset-allocation strategy found in the workbook. What’s your best asset-allocation strategy? You’ll have to read Investing for the Future to find out.”

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By Sarah Dewees, First Nations’ Director of Programs – Research, Policy and Asset-Building

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