First Nations and NUIFC Launch Urban Indian Project

First Nations Development Institute and the National Urban Indian Family Coalition (NUIFC), based in Seattle, Washington, recently partnered on a three-year program to build the capacity and effectiveness of urban American Indian/Alaska Native nonprofit organizations. The project is made possible by a grant from the The Kresge Foundation.

In August, First Nations and NUIFC came together to sign the necessary memorandum of undertanding for the partnership, and a few days later we launched the request for proposals for organizations to apply for grants.

Shown here signing the documents are First Nations President Michael Roberts (right), with (L to R) Nichole Maher, who is chair of NUIFC board and president of the Northwest Health Foundation in Portland, Oregon; and Janeen Comenote, executive director of NUIFC.

First Nations and NUIFC will be announcing the first-year grantees soon.


2 thoughts on “First Nations and NUIFC Launch Urban Indian Project

  1. How can I find out more about the Urban Indian project recently announced in Seattle? Is First Naitons considering expanding this to other regions as well (particularly the southwestern us – AZ, CA, NM and NV)?

    Thank you

  2. I live in Seattle, WA and not working due to autoimmune conditions. I would love to assist in a volunteer possibility. Wish to assist in what limited ways I can. An ancestor claims that Rebecca Rolfe (Pocahontas) was a 6th great grandmother which would make her my 13th greatgrandmother. Though I have traced a number of ancestors back to the beginning of Jamestown and possibly Plymouth. Even if I don’t have First Nation genes I have always felt deeply of the many injustices done to the nations. I have a big heart and it cries for what is happening to the children of the earth, the natural habitat and so forth. I sign lots of petitions and do what I can. Thanks for listening and happy to assist if I can.

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