“Gather” Film Studies Restoration of Native American Food Systems

Photo of Sammy Gensaw (Yurok) with salmon, by Renan Ozturk. Image was taken as part of the "Gather" film and storytelling project about Native American food sovereignty.
Native American Chef Nephi Craig (White Mountain Apache/Navajo) sums it up simply: “Now we’re on the other side of the apocalypse.” The... More

  • Reforming Native Education with Essential Understandings

    “Come little Indian, dance with me.” It’s one of the superficial songs taught to young students in California. And it’s one of the many ways Native American history is romanticized, setting Native children up for a lifetime of challenges as … More

  • Susan White: Champion of Sustainable, Responsible Investing

    It’s not all about money. Sounds like a George Bailey quote from the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life, but it’s also the logic behind the concept of “sustainable and responsible investing,” a money management strategy that looks into the … More

  • Recalling Roots: Native Health Policy Fellowship Program

    In the late 1990s to the early 2000s, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) and First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) collaborated on the Native American Health Policy Fellowship Program. The program was focused on elevating mid-career Native American … More

  • Moenkopi ‘Take and Make’ Food Project a Big Hit

    Wendi Lewis is the Project Manager for Moenkopi Developers Corporation, Inc., and a Hopi tribal member. You can hear in her voice the commitment she has toward providing much-needed support to her community. She served as the Project Manager for … More

Annette Bowsher Hamilton

TCEMP Helped Set Hamilton on Her Path

Annette Bowsher Hamilton always knew she’d somehow end up in the business world. Even growing up in rural Kansas, she knew. How her business ventures would unfold, she had yet to imagine. “I’ve always been drawn to the business world, … More

Chandra interacts with the “Kill the Indian, Save the Man” exhibit, in which black bars turn translucent when touched and reveal the names of U.S. Indian Boarding Schools that have been lost to history. Chandra has her hand on the boarding school Carlisle, where her great grandmother Elizabeth Bender and great uncle Charles Bender were sent.

Board Member Chandra Hampson: Combining Business with Heart

An inherent sense of community. A legacy of advocacy. A heritage grounded in education. They are signatures of First Nations Development Institute Board Member Chandra Hampson, and the driving force behind her schooling, career and ongoing outreach. From her childhood … More

Gail helped First Nations celebrate its sixth year in a row of Charity Navigator's highest 4-Star rating

Curiosity, Connections & Results are Key to this Donor

A natural curiosity and making personal connections are what drive Gail*, one of First Nations Development Institute’s donors, to not only support the organization but to connect with the staff one on one. Gail strives to understand and learn about … More

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