Board Profile: Monica Nuvamsa and Her Hopi Community

Monica Nuvamsa
When Monica Nuvamsa first ventured away from her home in northeastern Arizona at age 17, she had her sights on new worlds to explore. As her path led... More

  • “Native Truth” Research Reveals Attitudes & Perceptions

    First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) and Echo Hawk Consulting (EHC) recently released groundbreaking research about attitudes toward and perceptions of Native Americans as part of a jointly-managed effort called “Reclaiming Native Truth: A Project to Dispel America’s Myths and … More

  • Summer Arts, Improved Education Fostered at Hopi

    It’s a summer learning program and a reinvestment in Hopi arts, language and culture. It’s also another foothold in Hopi education that is making a long-term impact on Native academic outcomes. The Summer Arts Program at The Hopi School, fueled … More

  • Northern Great Plains Tribes Benefit from First Nations Trainings

    Under the “Mapping Ecological Stewardship Opportunities in Northern Great Plains Native Communities” project, First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) has been providing on-site trainings to tribal programs located in Montana and South Dakota. Launched in 2015, the project is focused … More

  • Humbling (Foundation) Admission about Indian Mascots

    On May 17, 2018, an opinion article written by First Nations Vice President Raymond Foxworth appeared on the website of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP). It was a follow-up piece to the news that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, … More

Growing Inequity

Report Highlights Decline in Foundation Giving to Native Causes

In a recent report, First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) found that from 2006 to 2014, total grant dollars awarded to Native American organizations and causes by large foundations in the U.S. declined significantly, even though the raw number of … More

Tananawit: A Community of Warm Springs Artists

Art for Culture & Economy: Tananáwit at Warm Springs

On the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Central Oregon, incomes are low and unemployment is high. In this context, where people confront daily and weekly challenges in meeting personal and family needs, local artists sometimes struggle to live in accordance … More

Native Language Immersion Initiative

Grantees Announced for Native Language Initiative

First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) recently announced the 12 inaugural grantees under the first year of its three-year Native Language Immersion Initiative (NLII). Each grantee receives $90,000 in funding to build the capacity of and directly support its Native … More

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