Luce Fellows’ Convening Focuses on Connection and Creativity

Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellows 2020
 “Twa”  “Twa”  “Twa”  “Twa”  “Twa”  “Twa”  “Twa” The group is silent as the poet holds them in his aural grasp.... More

  • Bringing Data Alive to Improve Nutrition and Health

    Bringing Data Alive to Improve Nutrition and Health For the Chugach Regional Resources Commission (CRRC) in Anchorage, Alaska, the knowledge gained from food assessments and reports is only as valuable as the ability to use it. With funding from First … More

  • Dressed to Dance: Fostering Dakota Culture and Pride

    For one Dakota community in Minnesota, where youth are prone to low self-esteem, bad influences and suicide, something great is happening. Young people are designing and making their own regalia, reconnecting with their culture and an art form at risk … More

  • Podcasts Connect Youth for a Brighter Salish Future

    It started over lunch at an ice cream parlor. From there it grew to a communications platform, a podcast series designed to unite generations on issues that, left ignored, could increase division and compromise the strength of the Salish culture. … More

With the new technology, oysters can grow exponentially in size, going from tiny specks to the size of a quarter in just a few weeks.

Sustaining Shellfish for the S’Klallam People as a Matter of Policy

On the Port Gamble S’Klallam Reservation, shellfish and other aquatic life are part of the economy, nutrition, identity, and culture of the S’Klallam people. Unfortunately, though, threats to these resources from environmental impacts, over-harvesting, and increases in population have affected … More

The tenacious teachers of the Akwesasne Freedom School in Hogansburg, New York.

Passing Down Language by Teaching the Teachers

At the Akwesasne Freedom School (AFS), the ideal teachers are home-grown – cultivated from the Akwesasne community, fluent in the Mohawk language, and trained to teach in the way the Mohawk learn best. Now, through a Teacher Training program, funded … More

Red says he owns many pieces of art reflecting the buffalo. One favorite is this metal buffalo skull sculpture created by Red’s son Steve.

A 30-Year Journey to Bring Back Bison

When a storm comes in, the powerful buffalo can be seen facing the wind – resilient and steadfast in its strength. In much the same way, Charles “Red” Gates and his collaborators and partners throughout Indian Country have stood strong … More

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